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About Me

I am a dedicated Physician Assistant, wife and mother who grew up the third child of a liquor and narcotics agent. My breadth of exposure to healthcare, the legal field and parenting an addict provided the foundation to reveal the things we least like to talk about, but most need to. I have done countless speaking engagements for police, parole and correctional officers, paramedics, nurses and other hospital staff in an effort to create positive change in the face of surging levels of mental health and substance use disorders.

I support both police and citizen advocacy and I believe there can be a unified working relationship. As a physician assistant, mother of a young individual with substance use disorder, daughter of a former liquor and narcotics agent, and avid speaker and educator, I have been surrounded by forces that have built a broader understanding from all perspectives.  I have been a speaker for crisis intervention training, compassion fatigue, workplace burnout, and mental health. I have volunteered to support the heroin recovery program within the 

walls of a correctional facility, but most importantly, I have worked every day to support my son and many others working through the recovery process of addiction, mental health and trauma.

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