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Mom's tell the story best
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Hope for Individuals with Addiction

“Incurable Hope is a must-read. Words cannot describe how important this book is. This memoir is so honest and personal; it describes raw pain in the most vulnerable way. You can tell that it comes deep from a mother’s heart; you can feel her fight for her son in every word. This book is very needed—and it brings hope. Thank you for writing it, Lisa!”

~ Ingrid Christine Abild-Pedersen, Certified Professional Coach, Speaker, and Author of Unmasked: A Triumphant Memoir of Recovery from Childhood Trauma, Eating Disorder, and PTSD

Dear Lisa,

I have purchased numerous books over the years, but yours spoke to me in ways like no other. From beginning to end, it is mine and my son's story.


My son too is a victim of this dreadful disease. He entered his first treatment program in 1992 at the age 16 in Marietta GA known as "Straight". He was there 15 mos. and myself, my husband, and his older sister were very hands-on involved.  Family therapy was a big part of this program.  This is where I first became aware that this disease crosses all economic and social boundaries. Sadly, he relapsed 3 mos. after returning home.


After numerous arrests, attorneys, jail time, a 2 yr. prison term, a near death experience that resulted in narcan to revive him, automobile accidents, loss of his driver's license several times, two year-long treatment programs in western NC, he is now almost 47 years old.  He arrived on my doorstep on the coast of NC in late 2018 once again asking for help and after 2 weeks of agonizing withdrawal, with the help of prescribed meds., he entered his most recent year long treatment program in western NC, followed by a 6-month stay in an Oxford sober living home.  He is now living and working in Cashiers NC and seems to be doing well.  I too am a mother who, even though I sought help in AA and NA mtgs. Psychologists and therapists along the way, broke all the tough love rules. My love and hope for him would not allow me to give up and I know I never will.  I do now know how to let him stand and fall on his own.  I am 70 yrs. old now and caring for a husband who has dementia. My son and I both know that I can no longer be there when he falls. I pray he will not.


Thank you for your book. What a comprehensive, excellent job. It's truly a valuable resource for anyone on this journey. I am hopeful that it will help many navigate through the sea in which you, myself and many others have nearly drowned. 


Carolyn Thompson

Your "sister" in incurable hope

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